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Industrial plug IP44

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● Vyhovuje európskym / medzinárodným normám EN / IEC 60309-2

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1, Industrial socket can work in different conditions;

2, Resistance of the bad weather, ageing resistance;
3, Industrial socket has good dimensional stability and accuracy;
4, Industrial socket possess good resistance to acid alkali;
5, Effectively prevent power outages and leakage.  

6, Industrial socket full range of products using soft touch technology,reducing the plug,pull the process of contact friction,but also plays an easy swap,since the role of clean and has the best mechanical and electrical life.

7, By tightening the industrial plug,so that products meeting waterproof and dustproof performance(protection level can reach IP44).

8, All plastic parts in contact with the metal parts,are used to achieve the highest standard American UL fire rationg V0 class engineering plastics PA6 and PA66 modified to produce.

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